Clint Malarchuk

The Cowboy Goalie


  My Love for Hockey has given me a full and successful Career, 15 years of Professional Hockey and my love for Horses haas given me a wonderful and enjoyable outlet, my whole life.

Both activities require that you learn the basics before you can advance any further.

  I would like to share my knowledge of Hockey and Horses; the Ups and Downs of my life;being in the NHL; my accident in March of 1989;dealing with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

  Depression; overcoming Trauma; becoming an Equine Dentist; everything that I have experienced over the years and finding happiness.

   I hope some of you will benefit from this information and I hope all of you will enjoy.

Happy Trails

Clint Malarchuk



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“Our Home in Nevada”

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